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The Devil in Me leak reveals next Dark Pictures Anthology game to be a sci-fi horror

A race for space.

The Dark Pictures Anthology's first season will conclude tomorrow with Supermassive Games' The Devil in Me.

As with previous entries in the series, the game concludes with a trailer for the series' next title - which has already been posted online. However, unlike previous entries to the series, the upcoming game - known as Directive 8020 - looks set to take players to space.

Yes, this will be yet another game to add to the ever-growing space-horror genre which is having quite the renaissance of late (looking at you Callisto Protocol, Dead Space Remake and Fort Solis).

The Devil in Me story trailer.

The trailer - uploaded today by someone with an early copy - starts with the voice of a character named Commander Stafford. He is sending a transmission from a forward reconnaissance vessel known as Cassiopeia (presumably named after the Cassiopeia constellation, which in turn was named after the arrogant and vain Queen of Aithiopia in Greek mythology).

Stafford's transmission seems buoyant enough, with the commander noting the crews' "spirits are high" after they successfully rendezvoused with the "Charybdis marker" (another mythology reference there). The commander notes that "the ship has suffered a hull impact" but he does not seem overly concerned.

But perhaps he should be at least a little concerned, as the next voice we hear is that of Thomas Carter - someone who sounds less than pleased to be aboard the Cassiopeia. Carter desperately states he thinks someone known as Simms, presumably another crew member, is trying to kill him. Then Stafford's voice pipes up again to talk about "humanity's future home", which all sounds a tad ominous.

You can see the trailer below.

Directive 8020 trailer.

While this trailer is new, the name Directive 8020 is not. Earlier this year, Supermassive Games trademarked logos and titles for five future projects, with this title being one of them.

Also on the list were "The Craven Man", "O Death", "Intercession" and "Winterfold", each of which look to also be part of the ongoing Dark Pictures anthology series.

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