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The Dark Pictures developer trademarks five future titles

More than a little hope series will continue.

Supermassive Games, developer of Until Dawn and the ongoing The Dark Pictures anthology series, has trademarked logos and titles for five future projects.

All five appear to be upcoming releases in The Dark Pictures series, are styled with the franchise's logo, and were registered via the European patent office yesterday, 31st January (thanks, Gematsu).

Upcoming titles include: "The Craven Man", "O Death", "Directive 8020", "Intercession" and "Winterfold".

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Supermassive Games has said in the past that it plans for at least eight entries in its horror anthology. Three have been released so far, with a fourth likely due this autumn.

The series began in 2019 with its teens on a spooky boat tale Man of Medan, before 2020's entry headed back in time to the Salem-like witch trials of Little Hope. Last year, the series released an Iraq War-set episode, House of Ashes.

Next up is The Devil in Me, which seems to take more of a cue from the likes of Saw. This entry has been described as the first "season finale" of the franchise.

Another previous potential instalment, "Switchback", described as the first in a new season of titles, was also previously spotted via a trademark filing.

For now, Supermassive hasn't said what will come next beyond the series' next entry - but it seems clear there's plenty more The Dark Pictures Anthology on the way.