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The Devil In Me is the season one finale of the Dark Pictures Anthology

Better the devil you know.

A new game in the Dark Pictures Anthology has been announced: The Devil In Me.

The fourth in the horror series from Supermassive Games, The Devil In Me is the finale of the anthology's first season, continuing its legacy of cinematic action and choice-based gameplay.

The story follows a group of filmmakers invited to a replica of the 'Murder House' of H.H. Holmes, America's first serial killer. Things, of course, do not go well.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me - Announcement Trailer

The trailer has shades of Saw, as the filmmaking crew get caught up in the designs of a creepy host.

There's no release date yet for The Devil In Me and no indication of which platforms it will be out on. But as the previous two games were released for Halloween, October 2022 is a fair bet.

House of Ashes has just been released, which we described as "The Dark Picture anthology's best entry yet" in our review.

It's available across PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles.