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The Dark Pictures The Devil In Me looks to be decidedly less supernatural than prior instalments

And we think we know the name of the game after that one, too.

Players who've completed Supermassive's latest instalment of The Dark Pictures anthology, House of Ashes, are sharing their first peek at the next chapter of the horror game: The Devil In Me.

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Though barely a minute long, the new teaser shows off a decidedly less supernatural premise. "You wanna know what it means to be a killer?" an off-camera narrator muses, before we're subjected to a raft of bloody images - a syringe, a beating heart, a bloody smear on a tiled wall - and what looks to be an assortment of DIY surgical experiments. Ew.

It ends with a mechanised real-life corpse "smoking" a cigarette, insisting it has "left its mark on the world", and asking if you can claim the same. You can check it out below, courtesy of YouTuber BigDaddyJende:

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Interestingly, the new teaser comes at the same time as a suspected leak of the name of the next chapter of the horror anthology - Dark Pictures Switchback - which has recently been filed as a trademark. According to the teaser for The Devil In Me, Switchback marks a new season of games, as The Devil In Me has been advertised as Dark Pictures' "season one finale" (thanks, PCGN).

We also knew the name of the Devil In Me ahead of schedule courtesy of a leak via a different trademark filing. That filing, however, also hosted a logo that was in keeping with past ones from the anthology.

ICYMI, House of Ashes, the third game in Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games' anthology, released on 22nd October, 2021. House of Ashes director Will Doyle talked to Eurogamer about the game's Iraq War setting, horror influences, and historical horror.

"House of Ashes is an impressive slice of horror," Ian said in the Eurogamer House of Ashes review. "It's literal edge of your seat stuff for a large portion of its play time, and should you be interested, you can play cooperatively with friends as well as solo. There aren't big change-ups made in terms of gameplay, but there is a solid story here with some great writing and equally great performances - and that alone is worth an oo-rah."

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