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Starfield overtakes Skyrim with concurrent Steam players

Fus Ro Star.

Starfield character silhouetted
Image credit: Xbox

Bethesda's space behemoth Starfield has now reached another new milestone in Steam concurrent players.

Over the weekend, following the game's full release, it hit a peak of 330,723 concurrent players.

That's bigger than Skyrim's 287,411 concurrent player record, though still a way behind Fallout 4, which has a concurrent Steam player count of 472,962.

Digital Foundry's Starfield PC tech review.Watch on YouTube

Still, this is a big increase for Starfield. After just one day of early access for premium edition purchasers, the game hit a high of 234,502, which then rose to around 250,000 just after full launch.

Starfield is currently the sixth most played game on Steam, behind the usual Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, PUBG, Apex Legends and its big 2023 RPG competition Baldur's Gate 3 (which still has a higher concurrent player count of 496,598).

Shortly after launch, Bethesda said over six million people had played Starfield.

That's likely increased further after the weekend, as the increased Steam numbers show. However, it's clearly more popular on console and PC outside of Steam - the game is available on Game Pass.

Digital Foundry stated Starfield plays best on PC, with superior performance and access to mods. However, it still requires some work for optimal settings.

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