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Starfield gets silly with these mods, from Thomas the Tank Engine to Garfield

Space, the new fun-tier.

Thomas the Tank Engine VASCO mod in Starfield
Image credit: Bulwarkhd

After only a week of availability, there are already hundreds of Starfield mods available to download over on NexusMods.

Many of these are useful - gameplay tweaks, shaders, and more - but what about the silly ones we're all expecting?

What about...Thomas the Tank Engine?

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Well you're covered there already. Thanks to modder Bulwarkhd, you can now download the Vasco Retexture mod to turn the robot companion into a walking, talking Thomas. I warn you it's mildly terrifying in a Frankensteinian sort of way.

Next up, perhaps my favourite mod of the lot: Garfield. Now you can turn the main menu into an ode to the ginger lasagne-loving cat, thanks to J8oot. Because it rhymes!

Garfield mod in Starfield
Does Todd Howard also love lasagne? | Image credit: J8oot

Other modders have been creating famous faces from other games. XDAEMONIUMX has created Isaac Clarke from the Dead Space series, noting the character fits perfectly with the mining story. ACACYN, meanwhile, has created this Samus Aran mod to turn your character into the Metroid-fighting bounty hunter complete with custom ship.

Samus Aran mod in Starfield
Image credit: ACACYN
Isaac Clarke mod in Starfield
Image credit: XDAEMONIUMX
Dread Space.

And then there are the PlayStation fans. They seem determined to shoehorn Sony's console into the Xbox exclusive somehow, from the PlayStation logo as a flashlight to changing the controller icons. More dramatic is Chachinito amending the Message of the Day to the Playstation Exclusive banner. Cheeky!

Or perhaps you want to change the flashlight to something more appropriately Xbox. Phil Spencer perhaps? Or maybe Todd Howard?

Phil Spencer in a Starfield flashlight
Spencer won't be outshined. | Image credit: Maquinaremos

This mod from Bub removes the takeoff, landing and docking animations that repeat throughout your journey through the stars. They're there to hide the game loading, so instead you can now have a quick fade to black instead. It may speed up the game, but it certainly breaks the immersion.

Modder Ixion XVII decided to play around with the laws of physics and lower gravity, meaning players can fly endlessly with their jetpack. Neat!

Starfield gravity mod flying over New Atlantis
To infinity and beyond. | Image credit: Ixion XVII

Or, if you're after a more calm and atmospheric experience, this mod from Zzyxzz removes the combat music, so you can soak in those sweet orchestral sounds without interruption.

And if all of these have you crying? Well, dry your eyes mate.

Aside from funny mods, many Starfield players have noticed some amusing bugs in the game - as is typical of Bethesda's stuff. You can check out Victoria's roundup here.

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