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Here are some of the funniest Starfield glitches, from headless NPCs to breakdancing pirates

The only good bug is a dead bug.

Starfield glitch
Image credit: Bethesda (via HYPED on X)

Starfield officially launched out of early access on Wednesday, and so far, it seems to be the most bug-free game Bethesda has released.

That being said, some little glitches have managed to slip through the cracks, and while there have been a few reports of crashes, most of these slips are actually really rather funny.

So, as it is Friday, here is a little collection of amusing ways Starfield has star-failed, to put a smile on your face ahead of the weekend.

Please note, while none of these bugs specifically go into story details, some characters and locations could be considered spoilers. Therefore, if you are wanting to enjoy Starfield in your own time and with a completely blank slate, this is your cue to head elsewhere.

Another glitch we found earlier this week - here is our Ian getting his hands on Starfield's Mark 1 Spacesuit without picking any locks.Watch on YouTube

First up, we have a series of NPCs without heads and upper bodies, making for a rather alarming conversation.

While I have no doubt there are many weird and wonderful creatures out there among the stars, speaking to your fellow crewmates when all that speaks back is a pair of eyes and a hairpiece was not something I had on my intergalactic travel bingo card.

Speaking of NPCs that aren't all there, here's Starfield's enigmatic 'The Hunter' casually telling the player he will "see [them] around", before rather gracefully sliding into the wall behind.

While this disappearing trick is clearly not intentional, of all the characters this bug could have happened to, The Hunter seems quite appropriate.

A classic Bethesda bug with perfect comedic timing. "I'll see you around"
byu/YourBoyMillard inStarfield

Other Starfield NPCs, meanwhile, just don't seem to understand the concept of personal space.

Here are a couple of literal space invaders interrupting conversations without any respect for privacy.

I was casually talking to an NPC when this happened, spent about 5 minutes in uncontrollable laughter
byu/welshscott5 inStarfield

One Starfield NPC many will already know and, er, love (?) is the Adoring Fan.

This Elder Scrolls throwback can be a rather endearing member of your team, but that does not mean he is without his foibles.

Many have found him skittering about the screen in a rather maniacal fashion, or just outright sinking down into the floor.

I love this game.. At least the bugs are funny, not game breaking lol.. To go where no one has gone before- below the deck plating.
byu/Sprtnturtl3 inStarfield

While this rather erratic behaviour could get wearisome, we shouldn't be too hard on the poor chap. After all, he truly is an adoring Adoring Fan, and as this player found out, he will even walk through fire for you. Awww.

Other side-kicks players will pick up in Starfield include VASCO, a robot companion met early on in the game. He is a pretty helpful piece of muscle on your travels, but as with the Adoring Fan, at times he can cause more trouble than you may expect.

Here he is just all out decking an NPC while the player was mid-conversation with them. VASCO woke up that morning and chose violence!

Vasco was not having it
byu/MyPackage inStarfield

Apparently he can also levitate and perch on ships at times (although, I think that is just showing off, really).

My boy Vasco has decided that this is the best spot to be on my ship in intergalactic travels
byu/Some_lost_cute_dude inStarfield

This Starfield player did a literal double take with this next glitch. Who knew dress codes in space could be so minimal?

Last up, my personal favourite - the breakdancing pirates!

I almost feel these movers and shakers should be given a free pass for their exploits given how flawlessly they spin across the ground. Personally, I am just delighted when I successfully manage to duck behind a wall for cover during a gunfight, so this is really going the extra mile on their part.

I knew the pirates were tough but I didn't think they'd style on me this intensely.
byu/Antermosiph inStarfield
I found a breakdancing pirate
byu/HaikenRD inStarfield

Earlier today, Bethesda announced that six million of us have taken to Starfield's skies already. Are you one of the many? And if you are, have you experienced any glitches like this?

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