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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Star Citizen has now raised more than half a billion dollars in crowdfunding

Black hole.

Star Citizen, the controversial space sim from developer Cloud Imperium Games, has now raised more than half a billion dollars in funding from backers.

Star Citizen's exceedingly lengthy development is well-documented, with the game still in alpha over a decade after production began. And while it's attracted some private funding in that time, the overwhelming bulk has come via crowdfunding, beginning with a successful $2m USD Kickstarter in 2012 and ballooning from there.

As of today, Star Citizen has amassed $500,075,150 USD in crowdfunding from a total of 4,096,384 backers, according to the official Roberts Space Industries website. Its previous major milestone of $400m USD raised was reached last November, meaning it's taken a further ten months to accrue an additional $100m.

Star Citizen - Alpha 3.17.2 Trailer.Watch on YouTube

While there's still no hint of a final release date for Star Citizen a decade on, Cloud Imperium Games has already started discussing plans for multiple sequels to Squadron 42, the game's long-awaited and much-delayed standalone single-player story adventure.

It's also continued to push out updates for the main game, its most recent release adding the likes of derelict wrecks and settlements . However, earlier this year, Cloud Imperium made the decision to limit the amount of detail it shared on its development roadmap, arguing it was doing so to prevent players from getting upset when things were delayed.