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Star Citizen crosses the $400m raised mark

Expanding universe.

Star Citizen has crossed the $400m raised mark.

The remarkable money raised has come from just over 3.3 million backers, according to official data from the RobertsSpaceIndustries website.

Developer Cloud Imperium Games reveals how much money comes in down to the hour. Yesterday, 19th November, $877,891 was raised. In October, nearly $8m was raised.

In March, Star Citizen shot through the $350m raised mark from over three million customers. It's taken eight months to make another $50m.

Star Citizen's long and controversial development is well-documented, and development chief Chris Roberts has come under fire for years now for failing to release the game, or provide a target release date. Star Citizen remains in alpha - nine years after its initial crowdfunding effort began.

CIG makes money by selling starter packs, subscriptions and virtual space ships.

"As a crowd funded project, Star Citizen's scope is based directly on the support provided by our backers," CIG says. "Money pledged goes directly to the game's development."

Star Citizen's current roadmap says the 3.16 update is due out by the end of the year. 3.17 is due out during the first quarter of 2022, and 3.18 is tentatively set for the second quarter of next year. There are no release windows set beyond this point.

And what of Squadron 42, the cinematic, single-player story adventure featuring Hollywood stars? A year ago, in October 2020, Roberts admitted CIG "still have a ways to go" before Squadron 42 even hits beta. Squadron 42 is currently seven years behind its original delivery target.

In September, The Advertising Standards Authority told Cloud Imperium Games to make it clearer that for sale "concept ships" are not yet available in the game.

Earlier this month, CIG announced plans to open a huge new studio in Manchester, making it one of the UK's largest development houses. The new office is set to open in May 2022 and rehouse the company's current 400-person team based nearby in Wilmslow, before quickly and dramatically expanding.

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