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Spring event research tasks explained in Pokémon Go

Everything you need to know about the Easter tasks in Pokémon Go.

Spring event research tasks are a series of limited-time quests in Pokémon Go that are themed around celebrating Easter and eggs in a very special Pokémon way.

These tasks can be found by spinning PokéStop, alongside the current roster of monthly Research Tasks, which are currently available. Don't be surprised if you need to complete a couple of spins to find what you need!

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Spring event research task rewards in Pokémon Go

Below you'll find the Spring event research tasks and their rewards, available between Thursday, April 9th to Thursday, April 16th, starting at 8am (local time) and 10pm (local time).

Although you can only find these research tasks during this time period, you can complete and claim their rewards if you hold onto them once the event ends.

Spring event research task list:

  • Hatch an Egg - Flower crown Eevee
  • Hatch 2 Eggs - Azumarill
  • Hatch 3 Eggs - Alolan Exeggutor
  • Hatch 4 Eggs - Chansey
  • Hatch 5 Eggs - Audino

Thanks to SilphScience from reddit for the help with these tasks!

The World of Wonders season has come to Pokémon Go, which has brought the World of Wonders quest. The Bug Out event is currently running. Don't forget to try out Routes, Gift Exchange and Party Play while you're hunting down rare Pokémon, fighting in the Go Battle League or competing in PokéStop Showcases.

What else do you need to know about the Spring event in Pokémon Go?

Aside from the special research tasks, there are a variety of bonuses for you to take advantage of during the Spring event in Pokémon Go.

A collection of these are, in keeping with the Easter theming, all egg related; you'll receive double hatch candy throughout the event and any eggs you receive through gifts will be 2km eggs.

One day I'll get a Riolu.

The following Pokémon are also more likely to appear in 2km eggs:

Two new costumed Pokémon, Flower Hat Pikachu and Flower Crown Buneary, will also be appearing in the wild throughout the Spring event.

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Times like these, however, do mean that you should put safety first and throughout the Spring event Lucky Eggs will last one hour, which will allow you to still enjoy the event from your home. You can easily combine this with Incense and, hopefully, you'll attract some of the Pokémon who've had their spawn rate increased for the event.

This includes Chansey, Mareep, Marill, Torchic and Exeggcute, which could be a shiny Pokémon.

Finally, there is now a Togepi-themed bag and hoodie available in the in-game store.

Hope you enjoy the Spring event in Pokémon Go!