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Spider-Gwen confirmed for Fortnite's gloop season

Goo news.

A series of teasers for Fortnite's next season has confirmed the arrival of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse's animated heroine Spider-Gwen.

This latest Marvel character to join Fortnite is one of four new skins teased today via a series of promotional images - each of which simply shows a hand reaching out of a puddle of gloop.

Fortnite's next season is set to begin this Sunday, 18th September, as its peaceful summer party gets consumed by chrome-coloured goo.

Fortnite is currently celebrating with a Pride-themed event.

Several other teasers with their own hands firm up leaks which have been rumbling around the Fortnite community over the past few weeks - that Spider-Gwen would be included in the next season's battle pass, for example, and that it would also include a goth redesign for the game's popular cat character Meowscles (or perhaps his offspring Kit?)

Fortnite image teasers.
Characters expected in Fortnite's next battle pass, per recent leaks. Credit: IbraYtti. | Image credit: IbraYtti.

Over on Fortnite's Twitter, capitalised letters in messages appear to be spelling out the word "CHROME". Various high-profile characters have disappeared from the game's Battle Royale Island over the past weeks - who it seems players will now have to set free.

Earlier this week, a series of TikTok-style teasers appeared online, where faux influencers saw the same metallic gloop popping up unexpectedly while they tried to record videos.

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