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Sony hasn't forgotten about the Vita just yet

Update 3.60 arrives in tandem with new PS4 firmware.

Things might have gone quiet on the Vita front, but that's not to say Sony isn't supporting its handheld. Not to be left out by the relatively feature-rich firmware update for the PlayStation 4, headlined by the introduction of remote play on PC and Mac, the Vita's got an update all of its own. Sadly, version 3.60 doesn't seem to add much beyond some tweaks to quality of the system performance.

Sony's yet to issue patch notes for the update, which is now live, but it's probably wise to not expect much in the way of new features. Still, now might be the perfect time to dust off your Vita and get it primed for some action - Axiom Verge is due for belated release on April 19th, and the splendid looking Lumo is also Vita-bound on the 22nd of this month. And who knows? Maybe the Vita port of the excellent Hyper Light Drifter is coming sooner rather than later. Though in truth I've a long-abandoned Final Fantasy Tactics save I should probably attend to first.

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Axiom Verge

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