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Ex-Nintendo indie game chief Dan Adelman is backing PlayStation-exclusive Axiom Verge

Calls it "one of the best Metroidvania games I've played in years - maybe ever."

Nintendo of America's former indie game chief for nearly a decade, Dan Adelman, announced that his first project as a freelance consultant is the PlayStation-exclusive 2D platforming adventure Axiom Verge.

"Axiom Verge is one of the best Metroidvania games I've played in years - maybe ever," Adelman wrote in his blog.

"Since I'm working on the project, I suppose I'm officially biased now," he added.

Adelman went on to explain that he initially planned to play an early build of Axiom Verge for an hour just to bring himself up to speed on what it was before meeting the developer, Tom Happ. But then he ended up playing through everything that was in the build.

"The things that grabbed me most were how tight and responsive the controls were and how well-designed the different rooms are," Adelman said. "There are a ton of hidden areas to explore, and it's possible to plan your attack through the areas so that it's much more than just a run and gun shooter."

Axiom Verge is being developed entirely by Happ, who has a background as both a programmer and animator. Happ worked at EA for three years, then Petroglyph Games for six years where he began Axiom Verge as a side-project in his off-time. Last year he left the studio to focus his attention on the game full-time.

Axiom Verge is due in spring 2015 on PS4 and Vita. A Steam version is expected to follow at an unannounced time.

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