Axiom Verge

A faithful and beautifully crafted Metroidvania homage that never quite stamps its own identity on the genre.


Axiom Verge to launch early on Switch eShop following retail release delay

"The people have spoken!" dev says after polling fans what to do.

Axiom Verge is coming to Switch this August

Multiverse Edition includes "making of" documentary by 2 Player Productions.

Axiom Verge is coming to Wii U in two weeks

"The Wii U version is probably the best one", says developer.

Sony hasn't forgotten about the Vita just yet

Update 3.60 arrives in tandem with new PS4 firmware.

Axiom Verge is coming to Vita next month

Developer says game sales helped him care for his sick newborn.

Axiom Verge dated for PC next month

Vita version due this summer.

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Verging on the sublime.

Ex-Nintendo indie game chief Dan Adelman is backing PlayStation-exclusive Axiom Verge

Calls it "one of the best Metroidvania games I've played in years - maybe ever."