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Sega battling Hyenas alpha gameplay leak

No laughing matter.

Hyenas characters in zero G
Image credit: Creative Assembly

Gameplay footage of Hyenas, the next title from Sega studio Creative Assembly, has leaked on YouTube.

Hyenas was announced in June and has since had three closed alphas. Anyone taking part in the alpha is required to sign an NDA.

Yesterday, an hour of footage from the alpha was uploaded to YouTube.

Cover image for YouTube videoHYENAS Official Announce Trailer
Watch the official announcement trailer for Hyenas.

The video has been made private on YouTube by uploader Glitch3r and can no longer be viewed, while screenshots from the footage are also being pulled from Twitter, Eurogamer has spotted.

The video was watermarked with Glitch3r's username, but otherwise shows some of the game's characters and the HUD.

Sign-up for the alpha is still open on the Hyenas official website and it seems to run every other weekend or so, if you'd like to get a look at the alpha yourself.

Hyenas has been in development for nearly four years, and is set to release sometime next year on PC, Xbox One, Series X/S, PS4 and PS5.