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Sea of Thieves error messages explained - CyanBeard, LavenderBeard, CinnamonBeard and what we know about other errors

Struggling to get into Sea of Thieves? Here are the known issues and resolutions available so far.

Sea of Thieves error messages are things you'll likely be encountering if there's some kind of issue getting into a game.

It's normally a connection issue with online-only games like Sea of Thieves, but whether that's at your end or developer Rare's will probably depend on each case.

Here, we'll be explaining the most common error codes and messages to appear so far, starting with Sea of Thieves' LavenderBeard error that's been popping up quite a lot since launch, as well as the common CinnamonBeard and CyanBeard errors, and what we know about their causes, statuses and solutions.

Sea of Thieves error messages - LavendarBeard, CyanBeard and CinnamonBeard codes explained

Back in the open and closed betas, there was one particularly well-known error message for Sea of Thieves, which was known as the "Too Early" error. Now however, things have moved on to Rare's specific "Beard Error" messages, with different quirky beard names referring to different errors.

This one's just for being inactive for too long, which is fair enough!

Unfortunately however, it seems as though general connectivity issues - likely due to enormous numbers of people trying to log on and play at the same time - are throwing up various Beard errors, seemingly at random. The most popular however have been LavendarBeard, CyanBeard and CinnamonBeard.

LavenderBeard, CyanBeard and CinnamonBeard errors explained

The official definition for each of these errors has been provided by Rare itself, which reads as follows:

CinnamonBeard and BronzeBeard

  • Caused By: We were unable to connect you to the game. Please do the following:
  • Solution: Quit Sea of Thieves completely, then reload it and try to connect again.


  • Caused By: Can be caused by antivirus/firewall settings, proxy servers or other network management/manipulation tools. May also arise if new players are temporarily prevented from joining the game as part of an effort to resolve server issues. If this is the case, we'll get everyone back in and playing as quickly as possible!

AlabasterBeard, AllmondBeard and CyanBeard

  • Caused by: Your connection to Xbox Live and/or the Sea of Thieves services has been disrupted or lost. Please check your console's network status via the Settings and Network menu.

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Other Sea of Thieves error codes: KiwiBeard, AvocadoBeard and more

Aside from the prominent "Too Early" issue players were once facing, there are also a slew of other error codes that you might be struggling with, too. Here's a quick breakdown of what they mean and how to work around them if they come up, and if it's possible to work around them at all:


  • Caused By: Either the servers being closed, or you having more than one Gamertag signed in on your console..
  • Solution: Check the server status to be sure it's all running okay at Rare's end, and sign out of any other Gamertags on the console just to be safe too.


  • Caused By: You don't have an Xbox Live Gold membership.


  • Caused By: Your game is in need of an update, so check for any available ones and install them.

DaffodilBeard and Lapisbeard

  • Caused By: "Something has happened" at Sea of Thieves' end of the connection, so check the service status on the Sea of Thieves website.


  • Caused By: The servers are currently down for maintenance or an update.


  • Caused By: You have been removed from the active game session due to lack of activity.

As things stand, that's all of the Beard Error messages we've seen so far, and all of those with causes and solutions listed by Rare itself. If none of the solutions work, ultimately time is the only healer. Take a break, and come back to the game and try restarting it completely every now and then, and eventually the problem will be resolved.

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