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Sea of Thieves world map: All island locations listed

Find every island you need easily with our island locations list.

Each island location in Sea of Thieves is unique, varying in size, shape, and style.

Some are jagged mountains, others dense jungles, and even more simple beaches.

Here we will list every island available to explore while sailing in Sea of Thieves, detailing the name, shape, and location of every island, seaport, and outpost.

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If you're looking to learn the essentials of Sea of Thieves, first take part in the Maiden Voyage, and read more about sailing, ship battles, and how to survive fights with skeletons and the kraken.

Where to find the map in Sea of Thieves

The map you'll be using to navigate the Sea of Thieves is found onboard your ship, but its location changes slightly depending on the boat:

  • On the sloop it's directly in front of the staircase.
  • On the brig its behind the stairs.
  • On the galleon its on the mid-deck.

Interacting with the map allows you to use it and see the entire world map, and lets you mark locations and importantly, lets you zoom in and out to get more detail.

Some islands are uncharted and cannot be found on the map table. We've left them off the below indexes so you can discover them for yourself, but we discuss them in more detail at the very end of this article.

Sea of Thieves map locations by region

Here's where to find every named island location by the Sea of Thieves' four regions:

Shores of Plenty island locations

The Wilds island locations

Ancient Isles island locations

Devil's Roar island locations

Sea of Thieves map locations alphabetically

You can jump to each individual island, listed below in alphabetical order:

Ancient Spire Outpost location in Sea of Thieves

Ancient Spire co-ordinates: Q17

The tavern on top of the spire offers amazing views of the sea, and a chance for drunken pirates to fall all the way down.

Ashen Reaches location in Sea of Thieves

Ashen Reaches co-ordinates: U23 / V23

The volcano at Ashen Reaches might look like the most dangerous part of the island, but the arsenal of cannons ready to defend the northern shores shouldn't be forgotten about.

Barnacle Cay location in Sea of Thieves

Barnacle Cay co-ordinates: O15 / O16

A large rocky outcrop dominates this small sandy island, but there's still plenty of vegetation to get lost in too.

Black Sand Atoll location in Sea of Thieves

Black Sand Atoll co-ordinates: O3 / O4

The sand is more grey than black here, and besides a large boulder there isn't much else to see.

Black Water Enclave location in Sea of Thieves

Black Water Enclave co-ordinates: R5

Sharp outcrops stab at the sky on the northern edge Black Water Enclave, offering a small amount of protection.

Blind Man's Lagoon location in Sea of Thieves

Blind Man's Lagoon co-ordinates: N6

A small island made of rocks, sand and vegetation, with an even smaller lagoon in the centre.

Booty Isle location in Sea of Thieves

Booty Isle co-ordinates: K20

A small island blanketed under a canopy of trees and dense vegetation, crisscrossed with sandy pathways.

Boulder Cay location in Sea of Thieves

Boulder Cay co-ordinates: G5

Despite the name Boulder Cay is about equal parts sand, rocks, and vegetation, but it's the large shipwreck off its southern beaches that is its most noteworthy feature.

Brian's Bazaar location in Sea of Thieves

Brian's Bazaar co-ordinates: Y12

Surrounded by red crystals, this small shop in the northern end of the Devil's Roar is a great spot to sell your Devilfish.

Brimstone Rock location in Sea of Thieves

Brimstone Rock co-ordinates: X18 / Y18

This mostly barren pile of curved sand offers next to no protection from the elements, or other pirates.

Cannon Cove location in Sea of Thieves

Cannon Cove co-ordinates: F10 / G9 / G10

This large island offers a host of interesting features, from its central rocky peak, sprawling caves and a pier that is slightly too tall for most ships.

Castaway Isle location in Sea of Thieves

Castaway Isle co-ordinates: K14

Long and thin, Castaway Isle is a small but dense jungle surrounded by clear beaches.

Chicken Isle location in Sea of Thieves

Chicken Isle co-ordinates: I16

Occasionally home to chickens, this isle is mostly flora with a few large rocks at the southern edge that breaks up the sandy beaches.

Cinder Islet location in Sea of Thieves

Cinder Islet co-ordinates: U14

Situated between two active volcanoes, this tiny cluster of islands is little more than a pile of sand and some hardy trees.

Crescent Isle location in Sea of Thieves

Crescent Isle co-ordinates: B9 / C9

This large moon shaped island has an expansive bay, which can be used as a harbour for even the largest ships, and a cave system that cuts through the middle of the island.

Crooked Masts location in Sea of Thieves

Crooked Masts co-ordinates: O11

Sharp rocks off the island make harbouring on Crooked Masts a dangerous affair, while snakes and large drops on the island make it just as deadly once you've come ashore.

Crook's Hollow location in Sea of Thieves

Crook's Hollow co-ordinates: M16 / N16

Named for the expansive cave system running through the island, which can be entered from the bay, a large pit in the centre, and behind the waterfall.

Crow's Nest Fortress location in Sea of Thieves

Crow's Nest Fortress co-ordinates: O17 / O18

Watchtowers and curved walls make it hard to assault this fortress when its active, but the pool in the centre can be incredibly useful against hoards of Golden Skeletons.

Cursewater Shores location in Sea of Thieves

Cursewater Shores co-ordinates: Y13

This donut shaped island might be safe from volcanoes, but doesn't offer much except from sand and crystal growths.

Cutlass Cay location in Sea of Thieves

Cutlass Cay co-ordinates: M18

A sliver of sand and trees, cutlass cay is surrounded by deceptively shallow waters that can easily catch out unaware crews.

Dagger Tooth Outpost location in Sea of Thieves

Dagger Tooth Outpost co-ordinates: M7 / M8 / N7 / N8

One of two outposts in The Wilds, Dagger Tooth village is guarded on one side by a massive rocky outcrop and from the other by a watery wreck.

Devil's Ridge location in Sea of Thieves

Devil's Ridge co-ordinates: P19

Behind the waterfall in Devil's Ridge is an extensive cave system that works its way from the beaches all the way to its towering peak

Devil's Thrist location in Sea of Thieves

Devil's Thrist co-ordinates: W21

A large rocky peak at the centre of this large island shrinks in comparison to the giant volcano looming along the south west coast.

Discovery Ridge location in Sea of Thieves

Discovery Ridge co-ordinates: D17 / E17

A trip to Discovery Ridges cliffy shoreline wouldn't be complete with visiting the tail of sand at its eastern edge that is covered in ancient shipwrecks.

Fetcher's Rest location in Sea of Thieves

Fetcher's Rest co-ordinates: V12

Broken in two, this large volcanic island has sandy and cliffy shores, dried out vegetation and plenty of sandy walkways to explore.

The Finest Trading Post location in Sea of Thieves

The Finest Trading Post co-ordinates: F17

Nestled near the edge of the Ancient Isles, The Finest Trading Post can be a useful drop off for Ancient Scales as you travel towards The Shores of Plenty

Flame's End location in Sea of Thieves

Flame's End co-ordinates: V19

This tiny 'V' shaped island has a large rocky outcrop to its west, and a pretty good view of the oceanic volcano to its south.

Flintlock Peninsula location in Sea of Thieves

Flintlock Peninsula co-ordinates: W14 / W15

Flintlock Peninsula might be split into three, but the waters between are too shallow, rocky, and near the deadly volcano for pirates to try and sail through.

Fools Lagoon location in Sea of Thieves

Fool's Lagoon co-ordinates: I14

As the name implies, the lagoon at the centre of this island is still connected to the sea and not a suitable location to drink, or catch Pondies from.

Forsaken Brink location in Sea of Thieves

Forsaken Brink co-ordinates: T16 / U16

Without a volcano, Forsaken Brink isn't as unfriendly as the name suggests, even if the dominating rocky outcrop might look ready to erupt at any moment.

Fort of the Damned location in Sea of Thieves

Fort of the Damned co-ordinates: L14

Formerly Old Boot Fort, this mist shrouded island is home to one of the most formidable battles in the game.

Galleon's Grave Outpost location in Sea of Thieves

Galleon's Grave Outpost co-ordinates: R8

The front half of a shipwrecked galleon hangs above this island, pincered between two huge rocky peaks, offering a fun place to try and jump off of, as well as the usual outpost amenities.

Glowstone Cay location in Sea of Thieves

Glowstone Cay co-ordinates: Z18

At the very edge of the map sits Glowstone Cay, an island with plenty of sand and a single rocky corridor on its eastern side.

Golden Sands Outpost location in Sea of Thieves

Golden Sands Outpost co-ordinates: D10 / D11 / E10

Golden Sands is a collection of sandy islands connected by wooden walkways that all eventually lead towards the tavern.

Hidden Spring Keep location in Sea of Thieves

Hidden Spring Keep co-ordinates: I8

Large cliffs surround most of this raised fortress, but broken harbour, sandy beaches and even a small pond can be found in the centre of the island.

Isle of Last Words location in Sea of Thieves

Isle of Last Words co-ordinates: O9

Surrounded by four massive stone peaks, the Isle of Last Words looks a lot more intimidating from a distance then the small pile of sand actually is.

Keel Haul Fort location in Sea of Thieves

Keel Haul Fort co-ordinates: C6 / D6

The central bay in Kell Haul Fort is incredibly dangerous to assault, but the walls surrounding the rest of the island make it the best option for skilled pirates.

Kraken Watchtower location in Sea of Thieves

Kraken Watchtower co-ordinates: L6

This thin, sloped island is covered in wooden walkways and palisades that project the raised fort from attack.

Kraken's Fall location in Sea of Thieves

Kraken's Fall co-ordinates: R12 / R13

This large island is punctured with deep bays, and hallmarked with spiraling peaks that meet in the centre.

Lagoon of Whispers location in Sea of Thieves

Lagoon of Whispers co-ordinates: D12 / D13

This donut shaped island is broken into four pieces, with overgrown and rocky patches to the north, and thin strips of sand to the south

Liar's Backbone location in Sea of Thieves

Liar's Backbone co-ordinates: S11

This small island slopes upwards from east to west, peaking in a small rocky cliff that stretches over the water

Lone Cove location in Sea of Thieves

Lone Cove co-ordinates: H6

Lone Cove is a large island with sandy beaches, stretches of grasslands and a large piratical graveyard in the centre. There is a cave as the name suggests, but it can only be accessed from the north-west corner.

Lonely Isle location in Sea of Thieves

Lonely Isle co-ordinates: G8

Lonely Isle is a little more than a sliver of sand with some trees and an excuse to sing "I'm On A Boat".

Lookout Point location in Sea of Thieves

Lookout Point co-ordinates: I20 / J20

A thin, sloped island with cliffs to the west, and accessible beaches to the north and south.

Lost Gold Fort location in Sea of Thieves

Lost Gold Fort co-ordinates: H17 / I17

Built atop of a tiered cliff island, Lost Gold Fort can be difficult to navigate thanks to the lush, overgrown foliage and winding stairs.

Magma's Tide location in Sea of Thieves

Magma's Tide co-ordinates: Y20

This small island is dominated by the large rocky outcrop in the centre and small cliffs to the south.

Marauder's Arch location in Sea of Thieves

Marauder's Arch co-ordinates: Q3 / Q4

Offering a chance to nimble sailors to prove their skills, Marauders Arch is two large islands connected by a huge stone arch that can be sailed under.

Mermaids Hideaway location in Sea of Thieves

Mermaid's Hideaway co-ordinates: B13 / C13

A large island, Mermaids Hideaway has an expansive beach, freshwater pool, and a large raised area complete with stone pillars to explore.

Molten Sands Fortress location in Sea of Thieves

Molten Sands Fortress co-ordinates: Z11 / Z12

The only fortress built into the side of an active volcano, this fort will challenge your combat and sailing skills.

Morrow's Peak Outpost location in Sea of Thieves

Morrow's Peak Outpost co-ordinates: V17

This not so safe outpost is built into the side of volcano and offers the same range of extensive, if occasionally distaterous, services you can find in less deadly outposts.

Mutineer Rock location in Sea of Thieves

Mutineer Rock co-ordinates: N19

Presumably named after the large rock to the east, this cluster of islands is a blend of sandy shores and huddles of trees.

North Star Seapost location in Sea of Thieves

North Star Seapost co-ordinates: H10

This tiny seapost is perfect for selling fish and looking at the stars.

Old Faithful Isle location in Sea of Thieves

Old Faithful Isle co-ordinates: M4 / M5/ N4 / N5

Old Faithful Isle is a maze of dense, rocky cliffs and winding sandy paths with accessible beaches to the north, east, and south.

Old Salts Atoll location in Sea of Thieves

Old Salts Atoll co-ordinates: F18 / F19

At the centre of this small island is the exposed remains of a shipwreck, surrounded by shallow waters and small clusters of sand beaches and undergrowth.

Paradise Spring location in Sea of Thieves

Paradise Spring co-ordinates: L17

This small island is composed of two densely forested segments connected by a sandy beach, with a small rockpool in the larger section.

Picaroon Palms location in Sea of Thieves

Picaroon Palms co-ordinates: I4

The central rocky outcrop of Picaroon Palms is flanked by large patches of trees and greenery, broken up by sandy paths.

Plunder Outpost location in Sea of Thieves

Plunder Outpost co-ordinates: J18 / K18

Built around the base of a large rocky mountain, Plunder Outpost has all the regular shops and taverns, as well as a few forests and beaches to explore

Plunder Valley location in Sea of Thieves

Plunder Valley co-ordinates: G16

Named for the valley that runs west to east, this island is large and mountainous, with plenty of caves and cliffs to explore.

Plunderer's Plight location in Sea of Thieves

Plunderer's Plight co-ordinates: Q6

This flat island stretches south-west to north-east, headed off by a small cluster of rocks at the top edge.

Rapier Cay location in Sea of Thieves

Rapier Cay co-ordinates: D8

This barely emerged slip of sand is so small that crews can crash headlong into it if they're not paying attention.

Reaper's Hideout location in Sea of Thieves

Reaper's Hideout co-ordinates: I12 / I13

Formerly uncharted, this desolate collection of islands is now home to the fortress for the Reaper's Bones that can be found on southern island.

Roaring Sands location in Sea of Thieves

Roaring Sands co-ordinates: U21

Scars of red crystal can be seen in the large rocks that loom over the northern edge of this small island.

Roaring Traders location in Sea of Thieves

Roaring Traders co-ordinates: U20

Found on the eastern edge of the Devil's Roar, this small pier offers a moment to rest from the volcanoes and chance to sell any fish you might have caught.

Ruby's Fall location in Sea of Thieves

Ruby's Fall co-ordinates: Y16

Named for its tall, treacherous walkways, Ruby's Fall is dangerous not just because of its cliffs, but also for the volcano on its westerly side.

Rum Runner Isle location in Sea of Thieves

Rum Runner Isle co-ordinates: H9 / I9

You need not ask where all the rum has gone with this island on the horizon, although its deceptively shallow waters might make you wish you stopped drinking the grog a bit sooner.

Sailor's Bounty location in Sea of Thieves

Sailor's Bounty co-ordinates: B4 / B5 / C4 / C5

Sailor's Bounty is a collection of smaller islands orbiting a larger central one, with plenty of greenery and beaches to explore.

Sailor's Knot Stronghold location in Sea of Thieves

Sailor's Knot Stronghold co-ordinates: E14

Divided in two by the islands' defenses, The battle for Sailors Knot Stronghold can be fought on the lower beaches or the higher fortress.

Salty Sands location in Sea of Thieves

Salty Sands co-ordinates: G3 / G4

Two small islands covered in beaches, trees, and some rocks are connected by a shallow sandbar to make up Salty Sands.

Sanctuary Outpost location in Sea of Thieves

Sanctuary Outpost co-ordinates: F7

The amenities of Sanctuary Outpost can be found on the largest, central island of this cluster, with broken wooden walkways and bridges meandering around the smaller outer islands.

Sandy Shallows location in Sea of Thieves

Sandy Shallows co-ordinates: D5 / E5

Most of Sandy Shallows is underwater, with only a curving sandbar, and small cluster of trees standing out above the waves.

Scorched Pass location in Sea of Thieves

Scorched Pass co-ordinates: X11

Dominated on the west by a large rocky outcropping, Scorched Pass is a small island of narrow, sandy paths and dry vegetation.

Scurvy Isley location in Sea of Thieves

Scurvy Isley co-ordinates: K4

This small and slightly curved island is flanked on the east and west by rocks, some vegetation clustered between the beaches.

Sea Dog's Rest location in Sea of Thieves

Sea Dog's Rest co-ordinates: C11

Sea Dog's Rest is a small island of dense jungle, broken up by sandy paths and surrounded by beaches.

Shark Bait Cove location in Sea of Thieves

Shark Bait Cove co-ordinates: H19 / H20

One of the most recognisable islands in the Sea of Thieves, Shark Bait Cove is a series of circular bands of land crisscrossed with vegetation and watery channels.

Shark Fin Camp location in Sea of Thieves

Shark Fin Camp co-ordinates: P5

The fortress at Shark Fin Camp is built into the side of the northerly rocky outcrop, making an assault from the well defended southern beaches the only route for pirates.

Shark Tooth Key location in Sea of Thieves

Shark Tooth Key co-ordinates: P13

Shaped like a broken anchor, this small island is marked with large rocks and small clusters of trees.

Shipwreck Bay location in Sea of Thieves

Shipwreck Bay co-ordinates: M10 / M11

Surrounded by a ring of shipwrecking rocks, this large island has a rocky mountain in the centre and a large shipwreck to the east.

Shiver Retreat location in Sea of Thieves

Shiver Retreat co-ordinates: Q11

Hooked at one end and rocky at the other, this island is also notably for the vegetation running up its small spine.

Skull Keep location in Sea of Thieves

Skull Keep co-ordinates: P9

Several bridges connect the smaller, defensive islands to the fort, with walls of rock acting as protection from the west.

Smuggler's Bay location in Sea of Thieves

Smuggler's Bay co-ordinates: E3 / E4 / F3 / F4

This large circular island has a deep bay in the centre that ships can anchor in, if they can slip between the large stone peaks that flank the waterway.

Snake Island location in Sea of Thieves

Snake Island co-ordinates: K15 / K16

These three islands are broken by deep waterways, but all have similarly forested centres and sandy beaches.

The Spoils of Plenty Store location in Sea of Thieves

The Spoils of Plenty Store co-ordinates: B7

This small shop sits at the western edge of the Shores of Plenty and is the perfect opportunity to sell some Plentifins.

Stephen's Spoils location in Sea of Thieves

Stephen's Spoils co-ordinates: L15 / L16

This seaport in the heart of the Ancient Isles is as good an excuse as any to sell any Ancient Scales you might be carrying.

Sunken Grove location in Sea of Thieves

Sunken Grove co-ordinates: O7 / P7

This large island surrounds a deep cavern with circular rock formations and smaller islands.

Thieves' Haven location in Sea of Thieves

Thieves' Haven co-ordinates: L20 / M20

The deep water cove below the island makes Thieves Haven the perfect hiding spot for pirates, as well as treasure.

Three Paces East Seapost location in Sea of Thieves

Three Paces East Seapost co-ordinates: S9

This port is unsurprisingly found on the eastern edge of The Wilds.

Tri-Rock Isle location in Sea of Thieves

Tri-Rock Isle co-ordinates: R10

This island is imaginatively named after the three notable rocky outcrops that emerge from the three corners of this triangular isle.

Twin Groves location in Sea of Thieves

Twin Groves co-ordinates: H11

Two small patches of vegetation connected by a narrow sandbar are flanked by rocky shores to the north and south of this small island.

Wanderer's Refuge location in Sea of Thieves

Wanderer's Refuge co-ordinates: F12 / F13 / G12

Large beaches make up the northern and southern corners of this long island, with interweaving paths, caves, vegetation, and cliffs making up the middle section.

Wild Treasures Store location in Sea of Thieves

Wild Treasures Store co-ordinates: O4

Towards the northern edge of The Wilds is The Wild Treasures Store, a tiny seaport perfect for selling your Wildsplashes.

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Uncharted islands in Sea of Thieves explained

Some islands in Sea of Thieves have no name, and won't appear on your map. Much like a sat-nav, it can be dangerous sailing without looking yourself, as you might crash into something the map doesn't know is there.

Below we list three most notable uncharted islands, but with no name, they're just referred to by their co-ordinates by the community.

There might be more out there, but they only appear for story reasons - and saying more would be spoilers...


A small island with a shipwreck and coral reef that are quite pretty.

K11 (Glorious Sea Dog Tavern)

This large stone arch used to sit in the very centre of the map, and inspired a lot of theories as to its purpose. Since the Anniversay Update, the natural formation moved and a tavern was built there for the Sea Dogs, the faction that rules the arena.

There's also a parkour obstacle course that loops around the island, if you feel like stretching your legs after a log voyage.


This collection of small islands is surrounded in reefs, wrecks, and ancient structures.

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