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Sea of Thieves The Shroudbreaker guide: Magpie's Wing and Totem explained

How to complete the first in a series of Tall Tales.

The Shroudbreaker is a Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves, and the first in the Shores of Gold series of Tall Tales.

After completing the Maiden Voyage tutorial mission, it's a recommended starting point for those looking what to do in Sea of Thieves first.

This page explains how to start The Shroudbreaker and steps Magpie's Wing and what to do with the Totem.

Note - like other Tall Tales, though the goals will be same every time you play, the islands you visit will be randomised each time, which we've taken into account in this Shroudbreaker walkthrough.

On this page:

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How to access The Shroudbreaker in Sea of Thieves

Though new players will have access to several later Tall Tales from the off, The Shroudbreaker can be considered 'the first', and as a result, is the easiest to find.

To start The Shroudbreaker, head to the pub (the Outpost location where you'll find the Mysterious Stranger, and the starting point of each new session) and look for the book on a stool next to the Mysterious Stranger.

Once everyone in your party has voted for it, the Tall Tale will be underway, with the Mysterious Stranger providing a brief story intro, handing you some clues in the form of a book to follow, before you can head to your ship and begin the quest.

As mentioned earlier - though the objectives will remain the same each time you run a Tall Tale, the specific locations and islands mentioned will change every time. As such, the following will provide broad advice for the The Shroudbreaker objectives.

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Where to find the Magpie's Wing location

Once you have started The Shroudbreaker, you will pick up a book. Press RB to open a wheel of items to open it. The book will provide the clues you need along the way, and will be updated with each objective completed.

The final page provides the first objective - finding the Magpie's Wing. You'll be given a map showing two islands. Find it on your map in your ship - our island map list can help if you're struggling - then get ready to sail.

At the location in question, you should find an underwater wreck with the next clue inside. Grab it and bring it aboard your ship.

Once found, the next stage of the quest will begin for all players in your party.

How to follow the Magpie's Wing route to get the Totem

The next step is fairly difficult, especially as the locations will change every time you run the quest.

Open your quest book again and turn to the latest page. Here is a log of the locations the ship visited. You must go to your island map on the ship and follow them step-by-step until you reach the end destination. You might need to learn some sailing terms - such as starboard - to help you along the way.

Again, you will find another chest at the location, giving you the next stage of the quest, and an item - the Totem.

Where to take the Totem in The Shroudbreaker

The new pages added give you the final set of clues you need to complete the quest:

The left page has a picture of an island, which is your destination. Again, it will differ from quest to quest, so you must manually search on your ship map to find it. (Try and look at the most unique features, such as pointed shapes or smaller islands, to help spot it at a glance.)

Once you have arrived, you need the clue written at the bottom of the page for where to go next. For us, this was "The cave which hides near the island's tears", where the "island's tears" referring to a waterfall.

No matter your clue, you need to find some wall markings on a rock or cliff face, matching the animal mentioned. Circle round the island until you find it.

The person with the Totem must search nearby - check low walls or rocks - for a place to drop the Totem. There will be on-screen text to indicate where that is.

Doing so will open up a passage to a secret room.

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How to solve the Shroudbreaker column puzzle

First, raise the Lantern to light the Brazier.

Next, this is where the right page comes in handy. There are four columns where you can rotate, revealing a set of symbols. They must match the row of symbols at the top of the page first - then press Enter Solution. The symbols will then change - so enter the middle row. Finally, the bottom row on the page.

Once successfully done, the central pedestal will light up and reveal an image.

You have to find the location seen here somewhere on the island. There are three in total, one after another, and each one features a Medallion you must dig up and return here.

The locations are not the easiest to find - look for any strange shapes which might guide you to particular points of the island. For us, the first two were in the same cave as where we entered through the waterfall, while the third one was at the very top of the island.

If you are playing with friends, then they can scout locations as another player is looking at the image to provide clues. Otherwise, take a picture on your phone!

Once you have placed all three in the pedestal - beware of skeletons which might come to life along the way - the Shroudbreaker will reveal itself.

Now it's simply a case of picking it up, taking it back to your ship, then returning to an Outpost.

They are in the following locations:

Now hand over the Shroudbreaker to the Mysterious Stranger to complete the quest.

Well done - that's the first Shores of Gold Tall Tale complete!

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