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Sea of Thieves controls - Xbox and PC control schemes for gamepad, keyboard and mouse and how to re-map controls explained

How to do just about everything with this list of Sea of Thieves controls.

Sea of Thieves controls are built around your ability to easily cycle through a set of radial 'dials' for various functions like communication, emotes, items, and so on.

Here, we've put together a simple page outlining the complete Sea of Thieves Xbox controls scheme, as well as the full Sea of Thieves PC controls scheme, and finally a quick comparison and some notes on the differences between playing Sea of Thieves with a controller or keyboard and mouse.

Sea of Thieves Xbox One controls scheme for using a controller

As we alluded to above, there are several radial dials you can bring up, containing various options for interaction or items you can equip. Below, we'll explain how to access all of those as well as how they work and how the controls for just about everything are laid out.

Here's the default Xbox controller layout, which can be heavily re-mapped to your taste.

Xbox basic controls:

Secondary InteractY
Stop InteractingButton
Stow ItemButton
Drop ChestButton
MoveLeft Thumbstick
Look / AimRight Thumbstick
SprintClick Left Thumbstick
Dialogue WheelD-pad Up
Emotes WheelD-pad Down
Cycle WeaponY
Map WheelRB
Item WheelLB
Primary UseRT
Secondary UseLT
OptionsView button
Reputation / VoyagesMenu button

Xbox sailing controls:

Map Table: Toggle Map PinA
Map Table: PanLeft/Right Thumbsticks
Map Table: Zoom InRight Trigger
Map Table: Zoom OutLeft Trigger
Adjust Sail HeightLeft Thumbstick
Adjust Sail AngleLeft Thumbstick
Climb LadderLeft Thumbstick
Aim CannonRight Thumbstick

Xbox communication controls:

Open Dialogue WheelD-pad Up
Open Dialogue WheelD-pad Up
Open Emotes WheelD-pad Down
Dialogue Wheel Next SetX
Emote Zoom InRight Trigger
Emote Zoom OutLeft Trigger

Sea of Thieves PC controls scheme for keyboard and mouse

The PC control scheme for Sea of Thieves is slightly different in that there are specific hotkeys for specific items that are usually restricted to just your item wheel when using a controller or playing on xbox, but otherwise it's worth noting that it is similarly customisable, just as the controller can be.

The main PC controls, which can similarly be re-mapped to your heart's content.

PC basic controls:

Secondary InteractR
Stop InteractingF
Stow ItemX
Drop ChestF
Look / AimMouse
SprintLeft Shift
WalkLeft Ctrl
Dialogue WheelG
Emotes WheelZ
Item WheelQ
Item Wheel Next PageF
Look at Equipped MapLeft Mouse Button
Cycle WeaponMouse Wheel
Primary UseLeft Mouse Button
Secondary UseRight Mouse Button
Reputation / VoyagesTab

PC item hotkeys

Draw Primary Weapon1
Draw Secondary Weapon2
Equip Fruit3
Equip Cannonball4
Equip Wood Plank5
Equip Shovel6
Equip Compass7
Equip Spyglass8
Equip Tankard9
Equip Pocket Watch0
Equip LanternL
Equip BucketB
Equip InstrumentI
Text ChatT
The item wheel.

PC sailing controls

Map Table: Toggle Map PinLeft Mouse Button
Map Table: PanWASD or Mouse
Map Table: Zoom In/OutMouse Wheel or = and -
Adjust Sail AngleA/D
Adjust Sail HeightW/S
Climb LadderW/S
Aim CannonMouse or WASD

PC communication controls

Push to TalkLeft Alt
Open Dialogue WheelG
Dialogue Wheel Next SetF
Open Emotes WheelZ
Open Text ChatT
Zoom In/Out EmotesMouse Wheel

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How to re-map Sea of Thieves controls and other things to know

Remapping buttons for Sea of Thieves controls is reassuringly easy. Whether on PC or Xbox, simply bring up the Settings menu and head to the controls section, where you can re-map away to your heart's content.

Remapping is simple enough from the game's settings menu.

Away from remapping, the main thing to know about Sea of Thieves' controls is that, as with most games, you're probably going to be at a slight competitive advantage if you play with a mouse and keyboard as opposed to a gamepad.

The usual arguments apply - aiming is generally more precise with a mouse than it is with a thumbstick on a controller, and you're able to look around faster and with greater control.

Likewise, the various item hotkeys make it a little faster for you to bring up various items to use them in a pinch - like a bucket for clearing out that water rushing in on your punctured hull's lower deck.

But all that said, Sea of Thieves is a game built around accessibility for all levels and players on both platforms. Play with what you prefer, and don't worry about the minutiae of competitive advantages unless they really mean something to you. Of all games, Sea of Thieves is totally one to play how you want, rather than how other people tell you!

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