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PlayStation 5 Slim model release date seemingly leaks

Plus a Marvel's Spider-Man 2 bundle.

The PS5 slim disc and discless versions stood vertically side by side with Dualsense controllers. A disclaimer in the corner reads "vertical stand sold separately".
Image credit: Sony

It looks like the release date of Sony's PlayStation 5 Slim has leaked, along with a Marvel's Spider-Man 2 bundle.

Sony announced its PS5 Slim last week, which will launch in November in the US before being rolled out to other countries. Once inventory of the existing model has sold out, the new Slim model will be the only one available.

Billbil-kun of Dealabs has noted several Japanese merchants have opened pre-orders, with a release date of 10th November, suggesting this might be when it's available in the US too.

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What's more, a Marvel's Spider-Man 2 bundle will be available, though this will be from 8th November.

It's unclear if this is a mix up in dates, or if the bundle will be available before the standalone console.

The bundle will be priced at $559.99 in the US, the same price as the current standard console bundle with the game.

As we previously reported, the Slim console has a 30 percent decrease in volume compared with the current model and comes with 1TB storage. It's available as a digital-only version or a disc drive version, with a removable disc drive also available separately.

If you want to stand it vertically, though, it'll cost an extra £25 for a stand.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will release tomorrow and has received very positive reviews, with our Chris Tapsell describing it as "a game of immense charm and fluid, free-form style" in his review.

Make sure you download the day one patch for improvements and additional accessibility options too.

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