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Planet Coaster fan creates absurdly detailed 15-minute-long thrill ride inspired by Aliens

Not bad, for a human.

A Planet Coaster fan has crafted an astonishing, 15-minute-long thrill ride inspired by James Cameron's movie classic Aliens, all built in-game.

YouTuber Hin Nya's meticulously themed coaster ride begins with a soaring, sweeping trip through space - complete with appropriately awe-inspiring music, of course - eventually barreling downward to the surface of LV-426, where the human colony of Hadley's Hope awaits. Before long, the coaster train enters the facility, and the horror wrought by its new inhabitants soon reveals itself, culminating in a frantic race to freedom.

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The ride makes wonderfully creative use of Planet Coaster's pre-made building blocks to convincingly represent the Aliens universe. Factor in the masterful track design, lighting, effects, sound work, and pacing, and it really is something special. Indeed, it's probably even more impressive to behold if you've ever spent an afternoon trying to wrangle anything into existence using Planet Coaster's powerful, but somewhat fiddly toolset.

I'm especially a fan of the sparing but effective use of Planet Coaster's video screen props to incorporate actual movie footage into the ride for its big jump scare moments when the Xenomorphs finally put in an appearance.

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Planet Coaster's flexible design tools have inspired a tonne of impressive creations, of course. YouTuber Tommy LaFleur's Tron-inspired thrill ride is still a blinder, and I'm always floored by JRTinman 's Mountain Rescue coaster (above) - which manages to pack in a proper narrative, a fully-voiced custom soundtrack, ingenious use of the X-Dimension coaster to replicate a helicopter ride, and a gobsmackingly well-realised final avalanche escape.

Planet Coaster recently released its jungle-themed Adventure Pack DLC, so there's a good chance that we'll soon be wowed all over again by a meticulously crafted frolic through the Indiana Jones trilogy (there were only three movies, right?).

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