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The Nintendo Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros is now £30

The retro handheld falls to its lowest price before it's pulled from sale at the end of March.

10th March is Mario Day. Or to give it the correct branding 'Mar10 Day' - you see what Nintendo did there? To get in on the celebrations, Currys PC World and Amazon have dropped the price of the Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros to just £30.

The retro handheld throwback launched at the end of last year for £45 as part of the jolly red plumber's 35th-anniversary shindig.

On it, you can play Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels and a Mario version of the classic Ball game. The Game & Watch also functions as a digital clock with 35 different animations and a few neat little easter eggs. If that's not enough of a selection, some enterprising folk have also got Doom running on it.

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Originally, I thought this was different to Super Mario 3D All-Stars on Switch - which is not going to be available to buy on the eShop at the end of March due to...reasons. It turns out I was incorrect and the Game & Watch will also no longer be shipped to retailers from 31st March. Because of that, this may be your best chance to get the cool little collector's item that any Mario or Nintendo fan would surely appreciate - and a great price.

If that's not enough Mario Day deals for you, we'll be picking out some other highlights over on the Jelly Deals Twitter if you wanted to give us a follow. There's going to be all sorts of merch, a few games and anything else exciting we come across.

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