Super Mario Bros.


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UPDATE: 8-brick console made official.

Lego Super Mario range releases in August

UPDATE: Yet another set revealed.

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Shaves 66 milliseconds off the previous record.

Super Mario Bros. movie originally a "personal, emotional story" between Mario and Luigi

Director reveals chaos caused by last-minute script rewrite.

Teens react to the NES

"It looks like a brick from 1920."

Super Mario Bros. beaten in under five minutes

NES classic completed in world record time.

Nintendo legend Hiroshi Yamauchi dies aged 85

Ex-president led Nintendo into electronic entertainment era.

Video | SXSW festival shows Mario film trailer

Spoof teases plumber's next movie outing.

Nintendo unveils Mario Red Wii

Comes with SMB pre-installed.

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25 years, not one u-bend fixed.

Why Dennis Hopper did the Mario movie

Wanted to buy ungrateful child shoes.