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Quake 4 Christmas map pack

Kill your friends before I do.

"Deck the halls with Rails and Rockets," says id Software, demonstrating the kind of literary expertise that led them to think Dave Callaham's DOOM movie script was fantastic, in announcing the release of the "Quakemas Map Pack" for the PC version of Quake 4 - two new levels to run around in and a remake of one of Quake 3's most popular battlegrounds.

Those of you enjoying Quake 4's Q3A-style multiplayer as much as some of us have been can get hold of the Quakemas Map Pack from id Software's FTP directly (24MB), and there's also a list of download mirrors on the id Software frontpage.

Railed, the first of the three maps, is said to be designed for tournament play (the clue presumably being in the title), while other newcomer Tremors is said to be perfect for team-play modes including CTF, as it's a sort of underground/overground Wombling free caverns arrangement. Finally, there's Campgrounds Redux - an update of Quake 3's map of the same name. You can see shots of all three on the id site.

And we were just kidding about the writing thing. The DOOM movie was, of course, brilliant, and worth it for that side-on shot of Rosamund Pike in the lift alone. Although we might have done fov 105 on that first-person section.

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