Quake 4


This year's 25th anniversary QuakeCon is cancelled due to coronavirus

"Gathering is the last thing any of us should be doing right now".

QuakeCon forums hacked

You know the drill.

John Carmack recounts Quake

Seminal shooter 15 today.

John Carmack's vision for the next Quake

"We could do something pretty grand."

Id Software creating new game

Carmack building fancy engine.

Quake 4 1.3 patch details

Specifics on new modes, maps.

id to spice up Quake 4

1.3 to make gameplay changes.

QuakeCon 2006 details

Playable Quake Wars promised.

Quake 4 patch problems

It could mess up your monitor.

New patch for Quake 4 released

Introduces multiplayer voice chat.

Quake 4 Christmas map pack

Kill your friends before I do.

Quake 4 coming to Macs

Courtesy of Aspyr Media.

Review | Quake 4

Browned off.

Quake 4 demo

Then: dance for news item.

Untested Quake 4 demo out

Wait for the official one, says id.

Quake 4 for Xbox 360 launch

US slipgate opens Nov 18th.

Review | Quake 4

Earth shattering?

Quake 4 PC finished, dated

X360 version due later.

Quake goes mobile

"Forget miniature golf."

Feature | Quake IV

It's brown and it's back.

Quake 4, HL2 Aftermath: First Shots Fired

For those of you who haven't glanced right lately, we've got some PC FPS treats.

Quake IV: New details

Play as a man called Matthew as you battle against the Stroggs. [Wasn't it Stroggos? -Confused Ed]

Quake 4 details leaked

The mags still aren't out, but they've already hit scanners - details on the single and multiplayer aspects, and how the game looks.

Quake IV 'too early to show'

Id Software is 'happy' with Raven's work on Quake IV, but isn't prepared to show the FPS at QuakeCon.

id warns media over leaked Quake IV art

Legendary developer up in arms after concept images are leaked.