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Quake 4 patch problems

It could mess up your monitor.

Got Quake 4? Planning to install the new beta patch 1.1? Well, er, DON'T, unless you want to risk messing up your PC.

According to id Software, "There is a problem with the widescreen functionality that may harm a user's monitor."

They advise players "that may be using the current 1.1 beta and/or final to NOT enable widescreen or disable widescreen if they are currently using it."

The patch, which was released last month, made it possible to communicate with other players using voice chat during multiplayer matches. Presumably by saying things like "Can anyone tell me what's going on there appears to be something wrong with my monitor."

id says a re-release of the patch is currently in development, and will be made available "as soon as possible."

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