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Quake 4 1.3 patch details

Specifics on new modes, maps.

Quake 4's 1.3 "point release" PC patch will introduce a new game-type called Deadzone as well as a Buy mode, and is being put together by Sin Episodes developer Ritual.

Along with the new game-types, you can also expect a new weapon (the napalm launcher), a bit more lava, and physics tweaks that make for faster gameplay.

id Software has previously said it wanted the 1.3 patch to "provide a faster, smoother, and more highly competitive experience".

Deadzone, one of the new modes, is a team-based affair where you're all competing to stand in the middle of the map holding valuable runes. The idea is that, with around six runes per map, you'll work as a team to gather them up and then stand in a central "deadzone" holding them for (by default) up to 45 seconds per rune, gathering one point for every second in the zone.

There'll be ten deadzone maps, including three adapted from existing Capture The Flag or Deathmatch maps.

The other mode introduces a Buy option. Kind of like Counter-Strike, you'll be able to purchase weapons and armour of your choosing by hitting 'b' and then investing some points. The difference is, you can do it any time during battle, and keep the weapons once you respawn.

Judging by the details (which come by way of and Ritualistic - the latter detailing specific maps), it'll all be a bit more exciting than the average patch. id's said it hopes 1.3 will be done in time for QuakeCon (August 3rd-6th). We'll let you know.