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Quake 4 UK PC and Xbox 360 re-release details revealed

Boxed retail PC release confirmed.

Bethesda will re-release Quake 4 in the UK on Friday, 22nd June, the publisher has told Eurogamer.

Earlier this month Bethesda announced its intention to re-release the seven-year-old shooter in the US on Xbox 360 on Tuesday, 19th June with a new $19.99 price point.

At the time Bethesda mentioned that in Europe it would re-release the game on Xbox 360 and PC - a curious move given the game's already available to download from Steam for £15.

Bethesda told Eurogamer it will re-release the PC version in the UK as a boxed retail release. Pricing remains unannounced, but we expect it to cost around about the same as the Steam download version.

"If you didn't pick up an Xbox 360 at launch, it's possible you might have missed out on one of the system's best launch titles, Quake 4," Bethesda said, explaining its decision to re-release the game.

"With it becoming harder and harder to find a new copy of the game, we're happy to announce we're re-releasing it at a low price of $19.99."

Quake 4, developed by Raven Software in collaboration with series creator id Software for publisher Activision, launched in 2005 on PC then, later, on the then new home console Xbox 360. It was released on Steam in 2011.

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