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Quake IV: New details

Play as a man called Matthew as you battle against the Stroggs. [Wasn't it Stroggos? -Confused Ed]

More than three years after the game was first announced, Activision and Raven Software have revealed a few details of the latest instalment in the Quake series.

Fans of Quake II may recall a rather unpleasant-looking set of aliens alien known as the 'Stroggs', whose mechanical frames were covered with decaying fleshy body parts.

They placed the Earth under siege and an army of our planet's finest was despatched to take down their home planet in response. Almost everyone bought it at the first attempt but one plucky marine managed to infiltrate the base, bring down the defence systems and kill the Makron - the Stroggs' collective brain and leader.

And so Quake II ended, and so Quake IV begins. The Strogg are rebuilding their army but their defences are still down, leaving an opening for Earth to nip in and finish them off once and for all.

You play as Matthew Kane, an elite member of the Rhino Squad, which has been sent off as part of an invasion wave. There's an army of soldiers marching alongside you, a healthy arsenal of weapons to play with and a good selection of vehicles to drive as you engage in what Raven describe as a "heroic and epic battle between worlds".

Activision has still to announce an official release date, but it can't be too long now, surely... In the meantime, you'll find the first screenshot here.