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UNO 360 updated

Matchmaking and other fixes.

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The Xbox Live Arcade version of UNO has received an update that fixes issues with multiplayer matchmaking and improves support for themed decks, according to developer Carbonated Games.

Writing on the official forum, program manager Richards Thames Rowan said the matchmaking fix applied to both Quick Match and Ranked Match mode, and also took care of other miscellaneous bugs.

The themed deck support, meanwhile, will allow people to release more decks along the lines of the 35th Anniversary deck, which added new background effects and a new card type.

However, players experiencing freezing glitches will have to wait a while, as Carbonated Games has been unable to reproduce some of the bugs experienced by UNO players, Rowan added.

So, perhaps we can expect another one soon. And if you have bugs you want to bring to Rowan and his team's attention, it appears that the forum is the place to do it.

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