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UNO eclipses Geometry Wars

In daily demo-to-sale rate.

The Xbox 360 version of UNO has achieved highest daily demo-to-sale conversion rate of any game on Xbox Live Arcade at the moment, eclipsing even Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved.

That's according to Microsoft's Global Games Marketing Team Group Manager (I bet his business cards are nice), John Porcaro, whose latest tub-thumping media alert over on Gamerscoreblog reveals that UNO's demo-to-sale rate is between 40 and 45 per cent depending on the day.

Geometry Wars had set a previous record of 39 per cent, according to Porcaro's stats - although that's likely a peak daily rate rather than an overall figure. Data released by Microsoft at the start of the year had the game doing 200,000 trial version downloads and more than 45,000 paid downloads - suggesting the overall conversion rate was about a quarter.

Still, it's good news for the UNO team, and suggests that card games are every bit as popular as shooters and other game-types on Live Arcade.

Elsewhere in the Gamerscoreblog update, Porcaro talks about the recent release of Windows Vista Beta 2, the Xbox 360 "Spring Platform Features Update", attach rates and other stats. You can read the full alert over yonder.