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New Kameo deck for UNO

Including new swapsies card.

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Today will see the release of a new Kameo-themed deck for the Xbox Live Arcade version of UNO, and as with previous themed decks this does more than wrap the thing up in recognisable graphics.

Although the chances it'll be all Wotnotted and fairylike are pretty decent, the more interesting bit is the gameplay ramification - with a new card added to the pack that, if employed, lets you swap your hand with another player's.

So, say you're next to a chap who's down to his last card and you've got rather a lot - don't fret, just use the new Kameo card and swap things around.

Not only that, but apparently only the host player needs to have downloaded the pack for it to be used in multiplayer games, which seems like a smart move.

The Kameo themed deck, though it doesn't appear to be available yet at the time of writing, is said to go for 100 Microsoft points, which is around 85p or just over a euro.

Previous themed packs have included one for the card game's 35th anniversary, and one based around Project Gotham Racing 3.

Update: Major Nelson informs us that this has actually been yanked for now after an issue was discovered. Should be back soon though.

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