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10 MP maps in Gears of War

CliffyB confirms. Meanwhile, some new video pops up.

Gears of War will ship with ten multiplayer maps, Cliff Blezsinski has revealed, as rumours spread that a demo might turn up within the next 48 hours. Very shaky rumours, mind you.

On the former point, first, the note about multiplayer maps came on Epic's official forum. "Turns out we ARE shipping with 10 versus maps," the designer wrote. They were saying eight previously to be "on the safe side" apparently.

As for the demo rumours - what's concrete is that a website called "48hrsexclusiveaccess" has been linked through from emails sent to official mailing list subscribers, with a message coded into the body-copy that reads, "Marcus Fenix has been located. You have 48 hours to mobilise." Hence the guestimation.

What you get on the site is interesting enough in itself though - the idea is that you're Marcus Fenix, in his prison cell, with three matches to wave around the darkened walls locating links to videos. These offer some hints at the game's back-story, how humanity thought it was saved only for the Locusts to turn up, and how grisly it gets as the people of Sera try to deal with the horde after Emergence Day.

Speaking of which, Gears of War is of course out on 12th November in the US, and 17th November in Europe.

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Gears of War

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