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Ghost Recon X360 delayed

Until February.

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Ubisoft is "pleased to announce" that Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter is getting another few months in development, putting the Xbox 360 version in shops next February.

The delay is partly down to a desire to get it right, and partly so that the development team can optimise the game to run nicely on Microsoft's next console - for which it's one of the most highly anticipated new games.

Ubi's being very upbeat about the whole thing, weirdly, with Ubisoft North America's Tony Kee talking about how "intense" the multiplayer's going to be, among other things.

"X05 attendees experienced the stunning results of the work Ubisoft's award-winning studios have done in perfecting innovative multiplayer content and taking advantage of next-generation capabilities," he said. Although he left out the part about X05 attendees having to battle against hordes of drunken partygoers and insane noise to get anywhere near the pods.

We'll have more on Advanced Warfighter in the near future.

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