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Xbox Live top ten most played

CoD2 tops the charts.

It's official: Call of Duty 2 is the most popular Xbox 360 title currently being played via Xbox Live.

That's according to the latest Live charts, which were revealed by Microsoft's Major Nelson over on his blog. CoD2 is followed by Ghost Recon 3, then Oblivion and Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.

In fifth place it's Final Fantasy XI, then comes Project Gotham Racing 3 and Fight Night Round 3. Eighth place is occupied by the only Xbox Live Arcade title in the chart, Uno. Lurking at the bottom of the chart are Perfect Dark Zero, in ninth place, and Dead or Alive 4.

As for the original Xbox - well, Halo 2 is still the most popular game on Live, more than 18 months after its release. Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is in second place, followed by Counter-Strike, PES 5 and Splinter Cell Chaos.

The Americans are still mad for Madden, it seems - NFL 2006 is in at sixth place, despite the fact there are only eight people in the whole of Europe likely to be playing it. Rainbow Six: Black Arrow is at seven, followed by Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and Forza Motorsport. And to finish things off, we have Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike in tenth place.