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Ambitious Skyblivion modding project shows off 15 minutes of new in-game footage

But release is "still a ways out".

There are ambitious mods, and then there are ambitious mods like Skyblivion, which, since the project's inception in 2012, has been steadily working toward remaking the entirety of The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion using Skyrim's engine - and mod team TESRenewal has now shared a fresh look at its progress as part of a new video development diary.

The Skyblivion team has been steadily documenting its progress on YouTube since 2013 - hosting everything from livestreams of asset creation to developer interviews - but, as the project nudges ever-closer to completion, it's embarked on a series of development diaries, showcasing different aspects of the mod's reimagined Cyrodiil in action.

This time around, the team is focusing on the world it's building for Skyblivion, saying it hopes to instil a similar sense of awe to that which its members felt when exploring Cyrodiil for the first time all those years ago. To that end, there's a look at the reconstruction work it's doing on the city of Buma, an introduction to Skyblivion's goblin tribes, an airing for its enhanced Daedric artefacts, plus a glimpse at the mod's expansive range of clothing.

Cover image for YouTube videoA HUGE UPDATE, Remaking The World of Oblivion | SKYBLIVION Development Diary #4
Skyblivion - Development Diary #4.

As for when Skyblivion might finally be ready to release, that's still uncertain; TESRenewal says it's "made a great deal of progress" on the project since its previous development diary last summer and that it's "finally seeing the end of the road". However, it readily admits "there's still work to be done" and that a full release is "still a ways out".

Even so, it's an impressive feat even in its unfinished state, giving Bethesda's 16-year-old open-world RPG a striking new lease of live. And if you're curious to learn more, you can follow Skyblivion's progress on its Twitter and official website.