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GRAW content soon

New maps, guns, etc.

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Xbox 360 heavyweight Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is set to receive a boost later this month as Ubisoft prepares to release a pack containing four new maps, five new weapons and plenty of other extras.

Ubisoft's yet to talk about pricing or pin down an exact release date - beyond "at the end of June" - but that hasn't stopped it detailing the pack's new features and releasing several screenshots of the new co-op stages.

The co-operative campaign continues in Nicaragua with four new maps. One sees you taking down an arms dealer in a coffee plantation, another's about tackling smugglers at a port, then there's a river depot warehouse to secure in the jungle and a rebel leader hiding in jungle mines. It's not unimaginable that success here could add up to some new achievements, either, although that's not something Ubi's specifying yet.

You won't just take one turn in each of the new maps either, with Ubi championing eight "relightings" - the four co-ops have alternative times of day to go through them, while there's new lighting conditions for four older maps too (Fishing Village, Wharf, Old Town and Nowhere).

Initially the Coffee Plantation map is set during daytime, with an evening alternative; Shipping Port is playable at evening or sunset; River Depot's dawn or daytime; and Jungle Mines offers an evening alternative to the daytime default. Although presumably that makes less difference given that you don't get sun in mines. Often.

That's far from all the new stuff either, with team battle added with two new gametypes (team blind siege and team battle), new camouflage patterns (Canadian CADPAT and British DPM), four new soldier faces with paint options, and of course those five new weapons the SR-25 SD sniper rifle, M468 carbine, M468/M320 grenade-launcher mod, AK-47 LMG and SCAR-H SV.

We'll let you know when all that's out. Check out our GRAW review for more on the 360 version, which is obviously out now.

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