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GRAW PC pack released

Deathmatch, co-op, more.

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Ubisoft's released a multiplayer map pack for Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter on PC, which adds a deathmatch mode and three maps, introduces additional co-op levels and a map editor, and features a whole range of upgrades and optimisations to boot.

You can get hold of the pack from Ubisoft's website, and it's not the last of its kind either - Ubisoft says we can expect a second pack in July featuring team-deathmatch and "one of the most popular original Ghost Recon multiplayer modes", with details to follow soon.

The three new deathmatch maps in this one are called Industrial, Suburbs and Hollow, and, assuming that means very little to you, you might want to check the pack's information page on Ubisoft's website, which covers everything in detail - things like the way the stats screen for domination has been updated and there's a better impact sensation.

We'll let you know what's happening with the second map pack once we do.

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