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FUSE GRAW tourney sign-ups

Plus some notes on the rules.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

With the event due to take place on 10th November, Ubisoft has opened sign-ups for the Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter tournament at FUSE '06 in Newbury.

The first part will actually take place online, shortening the list of competing clans to eight, who will then compete at FUSE for prizes including cash and a rather sexy GRAW PC pictured on the website. There's details there of all the information you need to provide to get involved.

Ubisoft tells us that matches will use the Siege gametype and last five minutes, with maps pre-selected by the tournament admin and confirmed on arrival at the server. Maps will be consistent for each team across each round, so no one's going to get the advantage of an easy map in round one while your team is suffering on a hard one.

For more on FUSE, which is as much about music as it is about games, check out our previous coverage, and if you simply fancy going to the i-series LAN party that's hosting it, you can read more about that on the website of organisers Multiplay UK.

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