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Ubi mixes games and music

Brings GRAW and bands to i29.

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Ubisoft wants to mix games with music, which is a novel enough idea - although in this case we're talking about a Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter networked tournament and a battle of the bands involving excellent photographers.

FUSE '06 is the name of the event, and it's taking place on 10th November at Multiplay's i29 LAN party (more details and tickets etc. available through the FUSE website), where top clans will compete in a GRAW tournament on Xbox 360 while punters enjoy the musical stylings of headliners Skindred and the likes of Furthest Drive Home, PDHM, Miss Conduct and others plucked from MySpace to battle for musical supremacy.

That's not all they or the clans will be battling for though - with GBP 1000 and a high-specification GRAW branded Nexus PC available for both sets of winners.

More importantly from your perspective, if you head along you can have a crack on Rainbow Six Vegas and Splinter Cell: Double Agent.

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