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MG Acid 2: Big surprise at TGS

Surprise? Surpriiiiiiiiiiise!

We were a bit surprised to see Konami talking so frankly about what it plans to do with Metal Gear Solid 4 at the Tokyo Game Show (a big, real-time PS3 trailer) earlier today. After all, this is the company that managed to conceal the fact that Solid Snake wasn't the lead character in Metal Gear Solid 2 until pretty much the whole world had bought it. Then we saw what we were expected to go on for Metal Gear Acid 2.

So anyway, Metal Gear Acid 2, the more colourful, hopefully more intuitive sequel to card-based PlayStation Portable strategy title Metal Gear Acid, will be part of the "Metal Gear Saga ~ Metal Gear Show in TGS 2005" next weekend, and the keyword for the showing is "Solid Eye". It's going to be a big surprise, apparently. Those guuuuys.

Meanwhile, MGS3: Subsistence will be playable - with an emphasis on the online modes. There'll be some sort of battle tournament on stage (hopefully this is related to the actual game), and the "Metal Gear Saga" show itself will apparently feature a huge line-up of guests. Whether or not we'll be able to pelt a Raiden look-alike with rancid tomatoes has not been discussed. We're guessing not. But we can always don blonde wigs and start muttering about flat-shares and forgotten dates, pelt each other with tomatoes, video it, and put it on the website. You'd still click, wouldn't you?

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Metal Gear Acid 2


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