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Metal Gear 4 trailer real-time

The one that'll be at TGS, that is.

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The Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer on display at the Tokyo Game Show next week will be running on actual PlayStation 3 hardware, according to Kojima Productions, the Konami subsidiary set-up to handle Metal Gear and Hideo Kojima's other works.

That's actual PS3-generated content, apparently, and not just footage rendered to a certain target specification - which ties in with what Kojima was saying recently about showing "something from PS3" at the event. We do love those thoroughly ambiguous interview answers.

Speaking of which, he had also said to expect something that wasn't just a high-resolution version of what we had previously, but something "a little more natural and with a natural flow when creating a world". Expect codec conversations about herbal remedies and the beauty and variety of orchids, then.

Er, whatever we do get, we'll be telling you about it in about a week's time, as we join the masses clapping eyes on Konami's special stage event called "Metal Gear Saga ~ Metal Gear Show in TGS 2005", which - rather like the Konami trailers we see at E3 - is set to run several times a day, and will also give us a chance to see how Metal Gear Acid 2 (PSP) and Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence (PS2) are shaping up.

Metal Gear Solid 4, in case you've been caught out, returns to the post-MGS2 timeline, with Solid Snake the main character, and will be released on PlayStation 3 exclusively (at least for now) with creator Hideo Kojima producing and directing. He wasn't going to, originally, but had a change of heart - and as such will be sharing directorial duties with Shuyo Murata, while Yoji Shinkawa returns as character designer.

More on MGS4 when we've snuck a peek.

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