Metal Gear Acid 2

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22nd June 2006

Metal Gear Acid 2

21st November 2005

See MGS4 trailer in 3D

3rd October 2005

Metal Gear Acid 2 details

MG Acid for PSN "possible" - Kojima

Although nothing's in development.

Metal Gear Solid superdad Hideo Kojima has told Eurogamer that it's "possible" the Metal Gear Acid games could end up on PlayStation Network, although he stressed nothing is in production.

Metal Gear Acid 2

Metal Gear Acid 2

Another solid turn from Snake's little brother.

Metal Gear Acid's a lot like riding a bike: once you've got the knack of it, it's fantastic fun. Although in this case, it's a lot like riding a bike using a Rubik's Cube instead of handlebars and pedals.

Yes, it's the return of Konami's Metal Gear spin-off (or shuffle-off perhaps), and things haven't changed a great deal. The underlying logic is still very much the same as Metal Gear Solid: you need to sneak between objectives making cunning use of your inventory of claymore mines, handguns, cardboard boxes and other knick-knacks, and if you're spotted by the guards or cameras the best thing to do is hide.

Except Metal Gear Acid is played out in turn-based fashion using cards to direct your actions. The majority of cards can be used to move a few squares across the grid-like play area, and all of them have some primary function that you can put to use in outwitting or downing guards and evading detection - guns chip away at health bars, boxes allow you to hide in plain view, and a range of booby-traps allow you to pop around the corner, bang your fist on the wall to attract a guard's attention, then giggle mischievously as someone stumbles along and explodes.

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MGS movie deal secured

Kojima's going to Hollywood!

Following Hideo Kojima's confirmation that a Metal Gear Solid movie is in the pipeline, Solid Snake's dad has announced that a contract with a top Hollywood studio has finally been, er, finalised.

Kojima confirms MGS movie

Kojima confirms MGS movie

'Can't say when yet.'

Metal Gear Solid will become a movie, says Hideo Kojima, but he can't say when yet.

That's according to a HIDECHAN Radio piece during which Kojima, series creator, confirmed what fans have long wanted to hear: "We're going to do it as a movie."

It's going to be in English apparently, although he wouldn't be drawn on a potential release date. "I can't say when yet," he admitted.

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BloodRayne film officially sucks

Boll to direct Metal Gear film?

In news that will come of absolutely no surprise to anyone at all, Uwe Boll's latest big screen videogame adaptation has been slammed by US critics following its Stateside release.

See MGS4 trailer in 3D

See MGS4 trailer in 3D

When you buy MG Acid 2.

The Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots trailer shown at the Tokyo Game Show this year was mighty impressive - we thought so, anyway.

But it might have been even more impressive if we'd been watching it in glorious 3D, as those who buy a copy of Metal Gear Acid 2 for PSP will be able to.

As previously announced, MGA 2 will come bundled with a new "Solid Eye" peripheral which lets you view parts of the game in 3D. And now Konami has revealed that the game UMD will also include the MGS4 trailer - which you can watch using the Solid Eye.

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Metal Gear Acid 2 details

Metal Gear Acid 2 details

More cards, modes, upgrades.

Shinta Nojiri, director of Metal Gear Acid 2 for the PSP, has revealed more details of what we can expect from the new instalment in the turn-based card battling series.

Speaking to Famitsu magazine, Nojiri said that there will be over 500 cards to play with in MGA2 - that's more than twice the number featured in the first game.

You'll now have the option to use points to upgrade your cards - for example, MGS3's Naked Snake card can be turned into a Big Boss card - and there's also a new Arena Mode where you can face off with bosses from other MGS games, including Revolver Ocelot. Beat 'em and you'll be rewarded with hard to find cards.

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MGS creator starts blog

Explains why he didn't retire.

Great news for Metal Gear Solid fans - series creator Hideo Kojima has started a new blog on the Kojima Productions website.

3D gaming comes to the PSP

Via MG Acid 2's crazy binoculars.

Last week, you may recall, we ran a story about Metal Gear Acid 2 at this year's Tokyo Game Show, and the big surprise Konami had in store involving something called "Solid Eye".

MG Acid 2: Big surprise at TGS

Surprise? Surpriiiiiiiiiiise!

We were a bit surprised to see Konami talking so frankly about what it plans to do with Metal Gear Solid 4 at the Tokyo Game Show (a big, real-time PS3 trailer) earlier today. After all, this is the company that managed to conceal the fact that Solid Snake wasn't the lead character in Metal Gear Solid 2 until pretty much the whole world had bought it. Then we saw what we were expected to go on for Metal Gear Acid 2.

Shinta Nojiri on Acid

Metal Gear Acid, that is. And the sequel.

Forget Metal Gear Solid 2, Metal Gear Acid (reviewed here) has surely been the most divisive of Konami's recent forays into the world of Solid Snake. Loved and reviled almost in equal measure, it was nothing if not fascinating, strapping card game rules to a traditional Metal Gear scenario - with player and computer actions determined by the type of cards available at any given time. Speaking to Eurogamer at E3, director Shinta Nojiri (who, along with his Kojima Productions cohorts, can lay claim to the best business cards of the show, trivia fans) spoke about the game's development, its strengths, weaknesses, and of course the sequel, which had just been announced as we went into the interview. And we couldn't resist asking which of the new console systems at the show most impressed him, although his answer might surprise you. Read on.

Metal Gear Acid 2 unveiled

Well, it was on the cards.

As well as a new version of Metal Gear Solid 3, Konami also used E3 last week to unveil another instalment in its PlayStation Portable spin-off series Metal Gear Acid. Or "Metal Gear Ac!d" as we will never ever be calling it.