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3D gaming comes to the PSP

Via MG Acid 2's crazy binoculars.

Last week, you may recall, we ran a story about Metal Gear Acid 2 at this year's Tokyo Game Show, and the big surprise Konami had in store involving something called "Solid Eye".

Well, Famitsu magazine has gone and revealed that Solid Eye is in fact a brand new peripheral for the PSP that comes bundled with MGA2 and will let you view parts of the game in - wait for it - 3D!

And no, it's not a pair of cardboard glasses with red and blue plastic lenses. It looks like a pair of binoculars, apparently, and it's designed to co-ordinate nicely with your shiny new handheld.

The game's director, Shinta Nojiri, told Famitsu there's an all-new storyline where Snake has to infiltrate a military faction. And wouldn't you know it, he only goes and discovers that there's a new Metal Gear. New characters will include a lady called Venus, who has lovely blonde hair and wears red.

You'll be able to battle other players wirelessly, and just like in the single player game, each opponent will control two characters.

We don't quite see what the attraction of being able to watch turn-based card battles in 3D is, to be honest, but we'll reserve judgement till Konami's official unveiling at the Tokyo Games Show this week - so stay tuned.

Metal Gear Acid 2 is out in the US on November 15, with a Japanese release to follow on December 8. No one seems to know or care about us lot.