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Metal Gear Acid 2 unveiled

Well, it was on the cards.

As well as a new version of Metal Gear Solid 3, Konami also used E3 last week to unveil another instalment in its PlayStation Portable spin-off series Metal Gear Acid. Or "Metal Gear Ac!d" as we will never ever be calling it.

Metal Gear Acid 2, release date currently unknown, introduces a brand new graphics engine, new action scenes, a new story, a better tutorial system and new "hidden advanced features" including "showdowns with a succession of the most popular characters from the Metal Gear series".

The new engine allows for "brighter, more colourful, comic book-style visuals, which dynamically enhance the impact of the card effects" - something that ought to be music to the ears of Acid fans who lamented its oft-underwhelming visual approach.

According to Konami, "players can now build strategies more intuitively, choose more card types than the previous installment and engage in more highly strategic, tactical battles".

The series will be continuing under the direction of MG Acid's Shinta Nojiri, who we interviewed last week during E3. You can read more of his thoughts on Metal Gear Acid - which has yet to be released in Europe lest we forget - as well as the sequel later on this week.

Screenshots can be found through Acid 2's game page.

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Metal Gear Acid 2


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