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Metal Gear Acid 2 details

More cards, modes, upgrades.

Shinta Nojiri, director of Metal Gear Acid 2 for the PSP, has revealed more details of what we can expect from the new instalment in the turn-based card battling series.

Speaking to Famitsu magazine, Nojiri said that there will be over 500 cards to play with in MGA2 - that's more than twice the number featured in the first game.

You'll now have the option to use points to upgrade your cards - for example, MGS3's Naked Snake card can be turned into a Big Boss card - and there's also a new Arena Mode where you can face off with bosses from other MGS games, including Revolver Ocelot. Beat 'em and you'll be rewarded with hard to find cards.

The game kicks off with Snake being taken prisoner by FBI agents, who offer him freedom if he successfully completes a mission to infiltrate a private military firm. Snake accepts, but soon realises things are a little more complicated than he first thought when he discovers that there's a new Metal Gear in existence...

As previously announced, MGA2 will come bundled with the unique 'Solid Eye' peripheral, which lets you see parts of the game in 3D. Turns out Solid Eye is also the name of the eyepatch Snake sports in the MGS4 trailer, don't you know.

According to Famitsu, MGA2 owners who've also bought Metal Gear Solid 3 are in for a treat. If you take pictures with the camera while your PS2 is linked up to the PSP with a USB cable, you can then look at them in 3D on your handheld - thanks, of course, to Solid Eye.

Metal Gear Acid 2 is out in the US this November, and Japan a month later. Fingers crossed for a European release before Christmas, but don't hold your breath.

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Metal Gear Acid 2


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