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MGS creator starts blog

Explains why he didn't retire.

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Great news for Metal Gear Solid fans - series creator Hideo Kojima has started a new blog on the Kojima Productions website.

Except, as you'll know if you've just clicked on that link, it's in Japanese. US website IGN has been doing a bit of translating, however, and now we know why Kojima changed his mind about retiring from the MGS series after all.

According to Kojima, the main theme of Metal Gear Solid is "[Things which] need to be passed on to the next generation." He had hoped that after finishing the trilogy, he'd have conveyed the "soul" of the games to his development team as well as gamers, so that the next generation of developers could pick up the torch.

But it was not to be - Kojima writes that there is another element which he's still trying to get across, described as "sense". And that's why "A 42 year old middle aged game designer" is back to work on MGS4, apparently - "The last remaining thing that must be communicated to the next generation is an aging figure that still continues to change."

Kojima says that while he's done with the MGS series now, honest, he's not going to give up developing games altogether. "I like game creation. I want to continue making things," he writes.

To read the full translation, visit IGN.

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