Metal Gear Acid


MG Acid for PSN "possible" - Kojima

Although nothing's in development.

Kojima lists his top five games

Is a big fan of his own work.

Limited edition MGS4 watch unveiled

Only 500 will be made. Hideo-approved.

MGS movie deal secured

Kojima's going to Hollywood!

MG Acid for PSN "possible" - Kojima

Although nothing's in development.

Kojima lists his top five games

Is a big fan of his own work.

Limited edition MGS4 watch unveiled

Only 500 will be made. Hideo-approved.

MGS movie deal secured

Kojima's going to Hollywood!

Kojima confirms MGS movie

'Can't say when yet.'

BloodRayne film officially sucks

Boll to direct Metal Gear film?

MGS creator starts blog

Explains why he didn't retire.

MG Acid gets price cut

But only in Japan, so far.

Metal Gear Acid at PSP launch

European confirmation.

Feature | Shinta Nojiri on Acid

Metal Gear Acid, that is. And the sequel.

Review | Metal Gear Acid

Or Alkaline. Your Metal Gear ph may vary.