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MG Acid for PSN "possible" - Kojima

Although nothing's in development.

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Metal Gear Solid superdad Hideo Kojima has told Eurogamer that it's "possible" the Metal Gear Acid games could end up on PlayStation Network, although he stressed nothing is in production.

Kojima was in Germany at Games Convention to chat in the aftermath of June's Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriot release, and as big fans of the PSP Acid series, we couldn't resist checking on its future.

"I'll say yes to that idea, but not because it is already running or anything," Kojima told Eurogamer when asked about the possibility of porting the turn-based strategy titles to PSN.

"I'm just saying yes because it's possible, I think it is possible. Sorry to say we don't have specific plans at the moment, but it is possible, yes."

There have been two Metal Gear Acid games to far, both exclusive to the PSP. The idea in both is to manoeuvre Solid Snake (and eventually another character) around traditional MGS-style environments trying to avoid being seen and reach your goals.

Movement and actions are turn-based, with longer cool-down periods for more energetic activities like firing rifles. To add additional intrigue, actions are powered by a customisable deck of cards, each of which has certain properties and uses.

It takes a little getting used to (although the second game removed some of the barriers for entry), but still we still miss it. Hopefully Kojima will go home and issue orders to his Kojima Productions pals.

Check out our Metal Gear Acid 2 review in the meantime.

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