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Bonus disc for Japanese Resi 4

We won't lie to you; we haven't got a clue what's on it...

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The GameCube version of Resident Evil 4 will stretch to two of the console's proprietary mini-DVD discs, Capcom has reportedly confirmed over the past week, although unlike its Cube-exclusive predecessors it won't be the game's content that justifies the second squirt of silicon.

According to reports, Japanese gamers who pick up Resident Evil 4 soon after launch (or possibly via pre-orders; the wording is a bit hazy) will also receive a bonus DVD containing some sort of video footage or imagery relating to the game. We don't know what it is, or whether it'll be part of the package in the States or Europe. Yeah. So. Ho hum. Bonuses!

The Japanese Resi 4 is due out on Cube from January 27th, but American gamers should get their hands on it a couple of weeks prior on the 11th. Capcom Eurosoft still lists the game as "spring 2005". The game is also set for release on PS2 towards the end of 2005.

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